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Shingles & Shakes

Western Red Cedar Shingles & Shakes

At My Slate Roofing, we specialise in providing Certigrade Western Red Cedar Shingles & Shakes, a highly durable and aesthetically-pleasing roofing alternative. They are renowned for their natural beauty, exceptional insulation properties, and ease of installation, making them a superior choice compared to traditional roof tiles.

Why Choose Certigrade Western Red Cedar?

Our extensive range of Certigrade Western Red Cedar products includes also hip & ridge caps, offering a comprehensive solution for your roofing needs. Here are some reasons why they stand out:

  • Longevity: Cedar shingles are a renewable roofing material resource with a life expectancy of over 50 years.
  • Superior Insulation: They boast an R-Value insulation four times greater than that of cement fibre, enhancing the energy efficiency of your home.
  • Versatile Aesthetics: Whether you’re aiming for a traditional or a modern look, their rich, warm colour and texture harmoniously blend with any natural environment.
  • Natural Aging: Over time, these shingles & shakes develop an attractive silvery grey patina due to natural ageing and weathering.
  • Durability and Stability: Western Red Cedar is known for its insulation qualities, dimensional stability, and natural resistance to the elements. Its inherent natural preservative makes the wood extremely durable in its natural state.

The Ideal Natural Roofing Solution

Western Red Cedar shingles & shakes have a centuries-old legacy, proving their durability in diverse climates. Ideal for those seeking a natural roofing solution, they not only provide protection and insulation but also enhance the aesthetic value of your property.

Interested in exploring the benefits of Western Red Cedar for your roofing? Contact My Slate Roofing today to find out more about our range.