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Roofing Contractor

Many builders with a background in home building or carpentry transition into becoming roofing contractor. They must first obtain a business license and often undergo a certification process. This involves working alongside an experienced roofing professional to fully understand the trade. At My Slate Roofing, we employ only qualified and licensed roofing professionals.

Roofing contractors are typically hired by homeowners to repair damage caused by storms, water leaks, fires, and other similar catastrophes. The roofing experts start by checking the roof and assessing the damage. Contractors then calculate the cost of purchasing the materials required to repair the damage and offer an estimate of the repair cost to the homeowner. My Slate Roofing offers free quotes. So, if you’d like to get pricing quotations before picking a good roofing contractor to employ, give us a call now! 

Before agreeing to cover a residential or commercial property, insurance firms might ask homeowners to pay for a roof inspection. Roofs are among the most expensive components of a structure to rebuild, and some insurers refuse to cover structures with damaged roofs. At My Slate Roofing, we provide complete roof inspections conducted by our highly qualified roof experts for a reasonable cost. The roofing contractor submits the roof inspection to the insurance company, and if the inspection reveals that roof repairs are required, the insurer may compel the property owner to make the repairs before issuing a policy. 


1. What is the definition of a roofing contractor? 

roofing contractor’s duty comprises shingling, asphalt, roof repairs, and plastics installation. The state of the home in the future is determined by the roof, which is just as significant as the foundation. A roofing project should be done by an expert to guarantee that the house’s integrity is not jeopardized.  

2. What types of insurance does a roofing contractor need? 

They should have valid and verified workers’ compensation insurance as well as liability insurance to protect you, the homeowner or business owner, in the event of an accident at your house or place of business. 

3. When selecting a roofing contractor, what should I look for?
  • Experienced roofing professionals are the best. 
  • they should be licensed 
  • Insurance is a must 
  • Provide a link (which means that a bonding company has money available to a consumer in case they need to file a claim against that company) 
  • willing to supply references if necessary 
  • willing to quote a price or value for the job