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How To Protect Your Roof Against Extreme Conditions?

A roof is designed to withstand many obstacles, and protect the property from elements and inclement weather. A case of extreme weather inflicting severe damage on your house can ruin the integrity of your property and also your budget with a hefty roof repair. Living in Australia means that the weather can go from hot summer windy days to a continuous streak of rains and storms within hours. Hence, we have put together ways that will guarantee that your roof is prepared to withstand unpredictable weather conditions.

Proper Insulation 

Get your attic inspected by a professional roofer to ensure that you have the proper amount of insulation for your home. Thermal shock is a major cause of weather damage dealt to your roof due to extremely hot and cold temperatures. Insulation regulates the temperature of your roof, minimizing the sway in temperature. Hence proper insulation saves money on your electric bills, keeping the inside of your home healthy and comfortable, but more importantly, it keeps the temperature of your roof in check so it would not expand and contract as much. 

Regular Inspection 

Frequent inspections help you identify any weak points, broken tiles, and much more. Along with wind and rain, the sun’s ultraviolet rays also damage your roof over time. Also, take a look at the roof edge and make sure that it is not torn or damaged and the same goes for the gutters. Fix them as soon as possible if they are loose or broken to avoid water damage. An annual maintenance check of your roof keeps your roof and tiles in good condition which will guarantee a long lifespan and also ensures that the roof is not prone to additional damage during extreme conditions.

Branch Trimming

Given how severe the damage overhanging branches can incur in some cases, trimming or removing trees surrounding your roof is a must. These branches pose a threat in the winter and must be trimmed before it sets in. Ice and heavy can build up on branches causing them to damage your roof tiles. Similarly, strong winds during blizzards and inclement weather can whip the branches—and in some cases, even trees—around, causing them to break and damage the roof and costing an expensive roof repair in Sydney. Hence, be aware of any trees on your property that are located close to your house roof.

Moss Maintenance

If you do not ventilate your attic properly during winters, it might get too dam. If left unattended, warm air will continue to rise into your attic where it meets the cold air. This will cause condensation, encouraging mould and potential fungal growth and the roof wood will rot over time. Moss grows between shingles, causing them to gradually move away from the roof, allowing water to get inside and causing damage to your roofing structure. Proper ventilation allows for air circulation preventing condensation. Therefore, ensure that your attic always has proper airflow during summer and also winter

Unclog and Clean Gutters

During winters, falls and monsoons, clogged gutters lead to more significant issues if they are not properly maintained and cared for. In winter, pipelines freeze leading to clogged drain pipes while in fall, leaves and debris enter the pipes. This also means that water cannot travel properly and can lead to pooling and extreme damage to the roofing structure. Using a gutter guard in fall can exponentially reduce the risks of clogged gutters. Before monsoon season, make sure that your roof can drain excess water without getting blocked to ensure that the rainwater is directed away from your property.


In conclusion, prevention is a powerful tool when it comes to safeguarding your property against elements. With necessary precautions, you can prevent risks posed to your roof by extreme weather conditions. It is best to seek professional help to ensure that your roof is able to hold out against obstacles. Professional roofers can improve stability by reinforcing the roof with braces and inspecting the ventilation patterns in the attic to ensure that air pressure does not build up during severe windstorms.

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