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Chimney Repair Sydney

It doesn’t imply there isn’t an issue if you can’t see it. Chimneys are one example of this. Indeed, many homeowners may be unaware that their chimneys need repair or maintenance since the problem is contained within the chimney. However, failing to do chimney repair in Sydney might raise the potential of hazardous chimney fires and/or gas leaks into your house. 

How often should I get my chimney repair inspected? 

This question has a simple answer: at least once a year. However, if you use your fireplace frequently, you should request repeated inspections both before and after the winter. In addition, if you feel you could be in danger of a chimney fire, it’s a good idea to consult a specialist like My Slate Roofing for an assessment. It’s also conceivable that you’ve had a chimney fire and were completely unaware of it. The following are some symptoms of a confined chimney fire: 

  • Dense smoke 
  • Loud cracking and popping noises from the fire 
  • Damaged flue tiles
  • Creosote build-ups 
  • Damaged brick on the exterior of a chimney 
  • Damaged sections of the roof 

If you discover any of these problems, you should immediately cease using your chimney and call a chimney repair specialist in Sydney. Chimney fires are both deadly and expensive. 

The best time of year for chimney repairs, as well as any type of masonry or brickwork, is usually after the winter. During the winter, cold temperatures can wreak havoc on brick exteriors, making it impossible to undertake necessary repairs. Furthermore, because people use their chimneys the most in the winter, it’s best to get any repairs done in the spring or before the cold sets in in the autumn. However, as previously said, if you’re concerned about the safety of your chimney, you should contact an expert. 

Call us Today for your Chimney Repair! 

On a frigid winter day, there’s nothing like cuddling up next to a fire. Contact a professional for maintenance and inspection to ensure that you and your family may enjoy your fireplace and chimney without worrying about its safety. We specialize in chimney repair in Sydney at My Slate Roofing, and we know how to restore both the interior and outside of your chimney. We also undertake a wide range of masonry jobs! We’re here to help whether you’re concerned about the safety of your chimney or want to book an inspection for next month. 


1. Is it possible to have a chimney repair in Sydney?

 The exterior brick, as well as the crown, are replaced as part of a comprehensive or full chimney renovation. When dealing with substantial damage, total reconstruction is frequently recommended. Structural issues, such as a leaning or crumbling chimney, generally necessitate extensive rebuilding. 

2. How do you repair a crumbling chimney? 

Apply a layer of fresh mortar to the sides and base of the hole using your trowel after dampening the area. Slide the replacement brick into the hole slowly until it aligns with your existing bricks. Make your mortar work consistent with the rest of the chimney by using the trowel.