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Barge Boards Replacements Sydney

Barge boards replacements are roofline goods that are generally constructed of wood or uPVC plastic and are positioned on the gable end of a home. They keep rainfall from seeping into the roof and rotting the rafters by concealing the otherwise exposed roof rafters. Even if they are painted periodically, timber bargeboards will decay over time and will need to be replaced.

In most situations, this will include erecting a scaffold tower to the appropriate work height, removing the edge roof tiles, and then crowbarring the existing bargeboard. New uPVC plastic or timber bargeboard can then be installed, and the roof tiles can be reinstalled, as long as the rot has not spread to the roof rafters.

When any of the roofline goods are changed, it’s a good idea to replace the remainder of the timber roofline products (fascia and soffit) as well as the guttering, which will almost always have to be removed/refitted anyhow. At the absolute least, while you’re up on the rooftop with secure access, you should clear out the gutters and examine the roof tiles for any missing or broken shingles. For barge boards replacements in Sydney, you need to get professional assistance from a company like My Slate Roofing, which specializes in this type of job.

Working at a height may be hazardous for anybody, but it’s especially risky for individuals who suffer from vertigo or have a fear of heights. The work of barge boards replacements in Sydney should be left to a professional to remove securely utilizing scaffolding unless you are comfortable operating at height.

When you consider the cost of the scaffold and the length of time it will take you to do the project, you will not save nearly as much as if you hired a professional in the first place!


1. What are the materials used to make barge boards?

Bargeboards were traditionally made of wood. Modern variations, on the other hand, are typically made of uPVC. uPVC requires less maintenance and has good UV and weather resistance. If desired, woodgrain foil treatments can be applied to give it the look of wood.

2. What is the average time it takes to do bargeboard replacement in Sydney?

Assuming no complications and simple access, replacing the bargeboard on a single gable end will take two workers about a day, including the scaffold and cement work. It will be faster if the cemented roof tiles do not need to be disturbed. However, because replacing the bargeboard on its own is rare, it makes sense to replace the soffit boards on the gable at the same time. After all, you’re already paying for the scaffold, so why not do it all at once?