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5 Things To Know About A Roof Replacement

The most crucial part of the home is the roof, and you have to be very careful while selecting the best roof material. You must have heard most people saying that they would love to get a slate roof in their upcoming roof replacement. That’s because the slate is a durable and robust material.

Various other roof options are available, but getting a slate replacement roof is the most secure one. However, you may face a broken slate on your roof after some time, don’t worry, you can easily replace that.

If you look for the best slate replacement services and proper installation and maintenance, MY SLATE ROOFING has it all. We offer our customers the most credible and quick roof replacement services in Sydney.

In this article, I’ll walk you through all the details of things you should know about slate replacement and how to maintain a slate roof.

Essential Things To Know About Slate Replacement Sydney

Homeowners having a slate roof often face the issue of broken or damaged slate. The reason for a damaged slate can be anything, from low maintenance to constant pressure or leakages.

There are a few essential things you should know if you are getting started with a slate replacement process, such as:

1. Get Matching Slate

Before starting with the replacement thing, make sure you have a suitable slate that perfectly matches the other present on your roof.

Contact us if you find it challenging to get the right slate tile for your roof. Our professionals keenly listen to your concerns and provide you with a suitable slate.

After getting the proper-sized slate, you can further proceed with the replacement process.

2. Appropriate Safety Measures

Taking preventive measures before starting with slate replacement is mandatory. Slates are a natural product, and moss can quickly grow on them. The moss growth makes the slates very slippery, so walking on them is risky.

Make sure to remove any outgrowth and moisture on the slates and consider going ahead with the replacement.

Another critical thing to know is that slates don’t like extra load, and to avoid any damage, you can use a ladder. There is various other equipment available to serve the same purpose.

You are up there for slate replacement, so ensure that you aren’t creating any further damage to the surrounding slate tiles.

3. Get Proper Equipment And Materials

Replacing slates without proper equipment and knowledge about using them is dangerous. It would help if you get the following equipment before starting:

  •       Hammer
  •       Flat pry bar
  •       Slate cutter
  •       Slate ripper
  •       Caulk gun
  •       Chicken ladder or any other equipment

The required materials are replacement slate and specific copper roofing nails. Copper sheet for covering the slates and some tubes of polyurethane caulk for perfect attachment.

4. Follow Instructions Carefully

These below-mentioned are the instructions you need to follow while replacing the tile:

  •       First, look for the damaged or broken tile remnants and remove them. Use slate rippers for this purpose. Insert the ripper in the missing part of the tile, and cut the nail fixed on the previous slate. Utilize the hook of the ripper and hammer at once to cut it.
  •       After removing the old tiles with a nail, check out the size of the new slate. See if the new slate tile fits perfectly in the space or needs any cutting. You can easily resize it with a slate cutter.
  •       The next step is crucial as it involves installing new tiles. Carefully insert the new tile in place and start fixing it with nails. You shouldn’t dig the nails into the slate entirely because it will cause cracks in the slate tile. To avoid this, copper nails are perfectly flushed within the surface.
  •       Once the slate is installed, cut the copper sheet to cover the exposed part of the tile. The sheet should be cut 4 to 5 inches wide and fold it a little to stay in place once you successfully cover the whole replaced tile.

5. Don’t Start Yourself When Professional Help Is Required.

It is precarious while starting with the slate replacement process considering the heights you have to go. Instead, you can call a professional to do the work for you. No one is more efficient in slate replacement than MY SLATE ROOFING, as our professionals have years of experience. We repair and replace your slate roof within minimum cost providing quality services.

How To Maintain A Slate Roof?

A slate roof is safe, but it is also very costly. If you don’t maintain it properly, you may need to replace it or repair it with another one. And repairing also comes with a cost. You can easily enhance your slate roof’s lifetime but give proper time to its maintenance annually.

Use a ladder and flashlight, and see if there’s any moisture or outgrowth on slate tiles. Please remove them and repair leakages in your interior home. It will enhance the longevity of the slate roof.

Check your roof after a severe storm, and see if there’s any crack on any slates. Fix the damaged slates before it starts affecting the surrounding tiles. Keep checking leakages, pressure management, and gutter cleaning to ensure your slate roof lasts longer.


Replacing a slate isn’t an easy process but a risky one. You should consult some professional to take care of it rather than do it yourself. We at MY SLATE ROOFING have years of experience in slate roof replacement Sydney and are always available to address your issues.

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.

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